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BS about what ever you want to in here.

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Smile Ford's not the problem, it's the dealers

With the constant loss of money within the ford motor company, they seem to keep trying to change their image. Ford motor company some how thinks that changing their image will bring in more car/truck sales. Their new slogan, "drive one" is probably a good idea on the surface, do to the fact that fords quality had gone down over the last few year's, but again, this isn't going to help.

What will help? Ford need's to make their dealerships become more responsible to the consumer. What do i mean by this? Well lets start with pricing: Ford motor company set's a price on a mustang at msrp of $40,000.00 on the window, which is a great price from the ford motor company. But, the consumer drives onto the lot, thinking they can buy a mustang for this price, only to find out that the dealership has marked the price upwards of 20K and posted a little piece of paper on the window that states: "fair market value". What is fair market value? It is the current price people are actually paying to buy these vehicles on ebay. So, if you want to buy a mustang that ford say's is worth 40k, and the dealer say's it's worth 60K, what is the consumer to do? You can't go to your bank and ask them to lend you 20K over sticker price, they will laugh at you. If you call ford motor company customer service about the price and try to file a complaint, you are told that "dealerships are independent and ford motor company doesn't have any control on what dealers charge for the vehicles." This answer get's under my skin for some reason. It would seem to me, the consumer, that a ford vehicle belongs to ford from the day it is built, the day it is sold, to the day it goes to the salvage yard. Therefore, if ford say's a vehicle should sell for 40K, the dealerships need to be forced by the ford motor company to honor that price and when a consumer calls the customer service line to the ford motor company, at minimum, they should do a little foot work and find out if what the consumer is complaining about is true or not. Then contact the consumer to show that a little foot work has been done about the complaint, instead of passing the buck.

So ford motor company, you have taken alot of good steps in the last year with the car's and truck's you offer for sale to the public, but, you need to go to the dealerships and get a little control back. In my humble opinion, if you don't, alot of would be customers will go down the road to purchase a different brand of vehicle, such as a "toyota".

How many of us have wanted to buy a certian type of mustang, only to find out that the dealership is trying to charge extra for a car that may not be worth what is being charged?
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