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hotwheels 10-31-2009 07:01 PM

No More Donation Link
Well i want to take a few minutes and touch base with everyone on the site. First, i removed the donation system from the site. Main reason for this is do to the recent increase in cost for the software. The company that originally was selling and updating the software for our site, sold. The new company has increased the rates drastically and i refuse to pay the new rates for continued upgrades. What that boils down to is, what you see on the site now, is what we will continue to have into the future.

I don't make any money on the site from vendors, and the donations we were receiving cover bandwidth and software costs. I know i can cover the cost of the bandwidth, it's a bit steep, but with the lack of problems we now have, it seems to be worth the money. I personally consider this site a hobby and don't want it to feel like a business to me, by trying to pimp out ad space.

I too will continue to pay and send out the ride of the month plates, as long as we continue to get members who want this option on the site. The last couple of months, the nominations have dropped off quite a bit. So i am not sure how much longer we will do this on the site. I am not sure if other sites offer an actual award for winning the ride of the month honor, but i have always thought this put our site above most other sites. Guess i will just kind of watch and see how things move forward from here. As a side note, i really hate to see people just nominating to nominate. I want people to want this and look forward to one day, receiving the ride of the month award. So let's please not flood the nominations with members whom don't participate here. I want the awards to go to people whom will enjoy them, not just receive the win because they are registered here. Make sense?

Anyways, i just wanted everyone to know where things are at. I have other thoughts too, but some are just my owner/hobbyist selfish thoughts. Like wishing our site would have grown to big memberships over the last 5 years. But i am very happy with the awesome friends i have met and knowing you all makes it worth keeping things going. I have met some really great people and i find it heartbreaking when i start seeing members vanish into thin air and never come back. I am at a complete loss on how to keep people interested in visiting us and staying here. For some of you that have been here for years, you will know what i mean if you think about all the other great members that dropped off the face of the earth. I bet i can make a list of at least 100 people that i miss and am not sure why they left. I don't have a great social life and most of the people here are the only people i know and in a sense hang out with. So it gets a bit frustrating at times........


91stang308 10-31-2009 08:56 PM

Re: No More Donation Link
Doug i hear you 100%. I'm not sure why anyone would want to not be a part of this great site. But as members decrease, it is hard to come up with 12people who deserve the ROTM award. I do know what you mean by people who have been nominated and won who were only on a few times and now are not a part of the site, it pisses me off. I like the site the way it is and do wish there were more members but the ones that are here kick ass and make the site a great place to come hang out.
thanks again doug for all that you do

Intmdtr 11-01-2009 05:12 AM

Re: No More Donation Link
Doug i am sure i can speak for most members of this site, you do an awesome job keeping this site up and running every month. I am at a loss about the lack of increasing members, i know i promote the site on every vehicle i own. i am thinking once the cold weather hits we should see some members come back.

Thanks for all you do Doug

already7 11-01-2009 09:32 AM

Re: No More Donation Link
I hate to hear that those pencil pushing geeks are trying to extort more money out of you to keep up the software upgrades. People just don't understand what a "reasonable" increase is now. They all shoot for the moon and hope that there is someone stupid enough to pay.

I wish that I would have donated before you disabled the link, because I like being able to help when I can!!!!
You know this site like most other sites goes up and down with members. Some stay, and some don't. Some only like the drama >>>> and THEY are better off somewhere else than stirring shit up on here.
Like Brian said, the cold weather will get more people back online and most likely back on here. BUT the core members on here are the best. I know that here lately I have been scarce, but this out of town job will probably only last about another 2 months, and then I will be laid off again unless something else comes along.

So keep your head up Doug, and don't hesitate to let me know if there is anything that I can do to help out with the site. I have been promoting the site to every Mustang owner that doesn't have a 3 foot wing on the back of their Stang! lmmfao... Sad but True!

fitz101 11-01-2009 11:29 AM

Re: No More Donation Link
Doug you have a great site, its too bad that members vanish into thin air, im sure some thought the same of me, lol. Been real busy with classes, and graduation is around the corner. But the bottom line is that the site is great the way it is now, as you said, you have made great friends here, and so have I. Intmdtr is kinda creepy, but hey theres one in every crowd, lol.

I know the donation link is down, but why? I know you enjoy the site, and im sure that some of us would still donate just to help with covering the bandwith. Its not like it has to be alot, just something. A little help is better then no help. But thats your call, just if you need help with the cost, tell us, and im sure we will help. By that time I hope to have a job, if you ask before that you may just get some pocket lint from me, lol.

Bottom line, GREAT SITE!

einehund 11-01-2009 01:41 PM

Re: No More Donation Link
Doug, I can't think of anything that hasn't been said, but I love this site and this will continue to be my online home as long as you have it up.

thor455400 11-01-2009 02:59 PM

Re: No More Donation Link
All of the above Doug.

I know i dont post much, but thats just me. This is the best hands down Mustang site with some of the best members i've seen.

I would rather see quality over quanity, personally, which we have.

Doug you and the mods are great at what you do keep it up everyone.:occasion14:

trueblue02 11-01-2009 05:45 PM

Re: No More Donation Link
Doug I love the site and let me know if you need anything. I will not volunteer to visit the pit but other than that let me know.

No1FordGirl 11-01-2009 06:11 PM

Re: No More Donation Link
We can still donate to you, personally, Doug.. we dont need a button ;)

Dont worry.. people are just busy now.. and hopefully everyone will be back.

I know I've been working OT and myself and my kids were sick.

It just takes too much nowadays to keep up... you should know that with the hours you put in.

We love the site, so thank you very much for everything you do!

dvofordman 11-01-2009 06:56 PM

Re: No More Donation Link

Originally Posted by thor455400 (Post 160882)
All of the above Doug.

I know i dont post much, but thats just me. This is the best hands down Mustang site with some of the best members i've seen.

I would rather see quality over quanity, personally, which we have.

Doug you and the mods are great at what you do keep it up everyone.:occasion14:


Just a thought, I bet alot of people that have left dont have their Mustangs anymore. I dont go back to sites much once I sell a vehicle. I know I have accounts at jeep sites, duramax sites, etc. that I have dissappeared from.

Still have my Mustang, though!:wink_2:, and this is the best stang site on the web. THANKS DOUG!!!

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