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BS about what ever you want to in here.

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Old 05-09-2022   #1 (permalink)
computer killer
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Back in the saddle!

I have finally gotten back in the saddle of a Mustang. I sold my beautiful 2002 True Blue Metallic GT in 2011 to pay some bills. I figured 2 years or so later I would got another one. Fast forward almost 11 years and I finally found the one I couldn’t leave at the dealership. I was looking at a 2019 Velocity Blue GT with 17,000 miles and in the used car world we are in the would not budge on the $43,300 asking price. While I was there I saw an Antimatter Blue 2021 GT. The only difference in equipment as far as I could tell was the 19 had leather and navigation. Mine has the cloth and the touchscreen radio without navigation. I was able to get the X-Plan and had Ford cash from servicing my company truck and got a brand new 2021 GT for less after taxes than the used car. The original sticker was $43,655 and I walked out paying a total of $41,500 after everything including taxes.
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Re: Back in the saddle!

Very nice! I got a new one myself, an 03 Cobra
Hotwheels smells funny

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back, saddle!

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