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BS Room
BS about what ever you want to in here.

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Came across the ole car

Found mine and trueblue02ís ole car and bought it back. Itís pretty much sit for years in a old mans garage. He couldnít drive it. I kept tabs on it from time to time and kept at the guy hoping I could get it back. He finally posted it on Craigslist and I went that day. Wife freaked out when I pulled up in it. I really like this ole car. Still got a lot of pep and prolly one of the tightest new edges around. Wish it still had the fr500s. Any way hereís some pics of what it was and what it is now. Itís definetely fixing to get a lot of love and cleaning up on. And for sure a grille delete and chin spoiler.
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Came across the ole car-b4eacb08-1956-4034-8afe-89a4a8170b6d.jpeg   Came across the ole car-eb7b2929-a2bc-445b-98d6-403a649ec67e.jpeg   Came across the ole car-feab5679-aa66-41d1-8d88-5949abefd87d.jpeg   Came across the ole car-7f95ab2d-a112-47cc-9b9d-a3738e6d7137.jpg   Came across the ole car-bbdeb5b9-d6bf-42b5-81d3-eb889ad4b1f1.jpg  

Came across the ole car-52c8fa04-e927-4a93-9f6e-15f0ef7a72a9.jpg  
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Re: Came across the ole car

Still looks good..
Webmaster in training and owner of a mini Jay Leno Poorman's car collection

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