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5.0 Mustang
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Re: quarterhorse, BE/AE

well i finally got time to sit down and take a look at my data logs.... BE/AE is AWESOME!!!
with these programs its incredible what graphs and play back can do.... i was almost wondering if my tune had anything to do with spinning a rod bearing...

I took a look at the data logging and heck for WOT she's getting close to spot on!!
factory 02's were registering .65-.7's getting 11.9:1-12.0 A/R's. Timing is way retarded up top around 17milliseconds to help with detonation during this process, so that'll need some attention. With AE you input your cam and it generates and algorithim of where it should be. Plus just for s&g's they take all you data points, get the highest and plot them for a dyno sheet vs rpm and a theoretical 1/4 mile run.
I also found i need to fine tune for my throttle body and maf... at 80% throttle and the timing cut tons it says she's making a moddest 350 hp/tq at 5100 rpms.... didnt want to go full blown or spin it all the way just incase of detonation

The closer the tune the more accurate the numbers... so new bearings, rod,crank, and nitrous jets to restrict the oil going to the hairdryers and she'll be back up and runnin... unfortunately they sucked the motor dry of oil
slow.......... 12.30 @ 110 91 Gt conv
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be/ae, quarterhorse

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