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Im still alive and lurking....

Im still alive and lurking the site now and then. Just been real busy and got out of the car thing for a while. Bought guns instead lol

Moved into a "farm house" on 80 acres where I can hunt. Got into archery and doing food and mineral sites. Set up stands and trail cams. Some really nice deer. Had to get into varmint hunting in order to feel like I was earning my deer hunting privileges lol

Car bug virus came back right before winter. WORST time possible but it came back FULL force lol I will post a thread on the progress and direction its going.
NEVER do business with Sam Rivera AKA Sam Wilson of Rivera Race Chassis. Paid 2800 to put car together. NO work was done, never gave back my turbo kit. Now I see old adds of my parts being sold on craigslist while car was at his shop.
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