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Re: New Guy

Originally Posted by maxkemp View Post
What's under the hood? Don't be shy? Most of us post that and you will not be judged for it. We are just happy you joined the site. With your skills, I'm sure some of us will be looking for advice in the future. Looking at the pics, is that Port A., Portland, Flour Bluff, other? Personally, I think it's one of the most OUTSTANDING rides I've seen on this site. Don't be haters folks, I just like this body style and I'm happy it's survived. Not a lot of these were made and to be 15 years old, looks pretty darn good.
With a Fresh 308 with forged DSS Pistons,
Stock rods - Stock Crank - Total Seal Rings
AFR 185 Heads (milled to 52 CC)
ARP Head Studs - Felpro Gaskets
AFM B31 Cam Blower Cam
Comp Cams Roller Rockers
Trick Flow Roller Lifters
T Moss Ported Cobra Lower - Cobra Upper
76mm C&L Cold Air and MAF
Walbro 255 lph Fuel Pump
Ford Racing 24 lb injectors
Kirban Adj Fuel Pressure Regulator
MSD 6AL , MSD TFI Coil, MSD Wires,
BBK Long Tubes, UPR X PIPE, Mac Pro Dumps,
3.73s, Hotchkis LCA, Granitelli Adj UCA,
Tokico D Spec Shocks and Struts,
Roush Springs, QA1 C/C Plates,
Yukon Alloy Axles, Alum Driveshaft, Full Length Subframe connectors,
Steeda Rear Sway Bar
Hurst short throw shiffter
UPR Smog Delete,
MMR Rear Seat Delete
PBR GT Mustang Brakes with Drilled and Slotted Rotors (to clear 15" wheels)
Autometer Oil Pressure, Water Temp. Digital Tach
LUK (King Cobra Clutch) new
UPR Quick Release Quadrant and Fire Wall Adjuster.
Tweecer R/T and a Bell Automotive Dyno Tune (5 switchable tunes)

Bullit 17 x 9 and 17 x 10.5 Deep Dish with
Sumi (315/35/17) and Falken (245/45/17)

It has run 12.11 spinning tires and upsetting the suspension (100 shot) on Drag Radilals.
Ran 12.43 on motor had good traction with drag radials

the pics were taken in portland, i will give the car a wash and wax then get more pics

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