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After 2 years I fixed my smoke problem

My car is turbo for those that don't know. Anyway I have a hi vol oil pump on the after market motor. From Day 1 the turbo had oiling problems.
At first it leaked down the down pipe when that was fixed, It started smoking. Not a lot. But enough to piss you off.
Long story short. After installing 38000 nos tip to slow down oil it stilled smoked
The fix, the motor no longer has vac. it is pressurized the pressure in the motor was not allowing the oil to return to the pan from the turbo, Venting the vavle covers has resolved the problem
Now for a new short block, why the old one is hurt and has been sleeved in the #1 piston. Sad but true.
For all the forged this and coated that I am scared to mat it. I have pulled 3 degrees of timing out across the board.
And planning on a new short block. A local shop has quoted me 1200 dollars r and r to in stall it. Not bad
They are "Triple X" They designed and built a twin turbo 347 stang that runs 9's. They have a dyno. And they know how to use it

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