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Re: porting heads and intake

Originally Posted by 91stang308 View Post
i have been tossing around the idea of trying to port some parts on my stock 91 302 since its currently not being used in my car and just collecting dust. My plans are to do a budget build on the '91 engine and replace the '72 302 thats currently in the car now.
Now to port the heads do you just gasket match it? The same thing with the intake, like can i port the lower/upper where they meet and the TB opening right? I know its gonna be quite some time until this motors gonna be used but thought it would give me something to do when i'm bored
Try to pick up this book. I have it, and it's been pretty helpful so far. Anyway, it'll give you an idea of stuff you can do besides gasket matching heads. For the rest, that's probably all I'd do. I opened the TB on an 86 upper intake to 70mm once. It took a while, just make sure you have the right grinding stone (I can't remember which kind now). Some of them get plugged with material. I'm prolly going to try and do a lot of my own work on the 70 351W heads I have, if I beat you to the punch, I'll let you know what it's like.

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